Honda Rincon 650 Change the Oil

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The Honda Rincon 650 is a big 4x4 all-terrain vehicle (ATV). This ATV has a 649cc four-stroke engine and has available just about every option that you can think of. Older Rincon models use standard 5W30 Honda oil, and newer model will need a synthetic Honda ATV oil. You can buy everything that you need to service your Honda Rincon 650 at any Honda Power Sports outlet.

Tools Used[edit]

Oil catch pan
5/8-inch socket
2 1/2 quarts replacement engine oil--model specific

Change the Oil[edit]

  • Run the engine for about five minutes and then turn the engine off. Remove the plastic cap that says "Oil" on it from the side of the engine by twisting it counterclockwise.
  • Position the oil catch pan under the engine's drain plug. The drain plug is on the bottom of the engine and looks like a large metal nut sticking out of the engine. Remove the plug, using the 5/8-inch socket and ratchet.
  • Drain the engine oil from the engine and then replace the plug to the bottom of the engine. Tighten the plug, using the 5/8-inch socket and ratchet. Remove the oil catch pan from under the engine and set the oil pan aside.
  • Pour the replacement engine oil into the engine through the hole where the oil cap was. Once you have filled the engine with fresh oil, replace the oil cap to the side of the engine.