2010 Honda Insight Replace Cabin Filter

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Honda is the most diversified company of all the auto manufacturers. Whatever the product, if it uses an engine, Honda produces one. From automobiles to jet aircraft, ATVs, pumps, snowblowers and generators -- the list never ends where engines are concerned. Honda is also heavily into every type of racing on land and water. Honda is also accredited for the first humanoid robot, "Asimo." The 2010 Honda Insight uses a cabin filter, which is installed in line between the cabin air intake and air-conditioner blower. The filter effectively filters out pollen and airborne contaminants and keeps them from entering the vehicle's cabin.

Tools Used[edit]

Cabin air filter

Replace Cabin Filter[edit]

  • Open the glove box. Push the two swing arms supporting the door inward and slightly raise the door so the hook end of the arms will pass through the slots in the arms. Allow the door to swing all the way down.
  • Reach in the glove box and unsnap the two tabs on the plastic cover in the rear of the box. Pull the cover out of the box and the cabin air filter will follow.
  • Insert a new cabin air filter into the cavity in the rear of the glove box and push it in until it snaps into place.
  • Raise the glove box door and press the arms inward to pass the hooks through the arm slots. Close the glove box.