2009 Chevrolet HHR Change Headlights

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If the headlights on your 2009 Chevrolet HH, usually written as HHR, are burned out or broken, you can replace them yourself. The HHR uses H13 halogen headlight bulbs that can be bought at a local auto parts store or online vendor. Unlike many vehicles, no extraneous parts need to be removed, and no special tools are needed. Expect the process to change the headlights to take less than 10 minutes for each.

Tools Used[edit]

H13 replacement headlight bulbs
Latex gloves

Change Headlights[edit]

  • Turn off your HHR if it was on. Prop open the hood with the hood support rods.
  • Press in the side tabs of the headlight wiring harness. Pull the headlight wiring harness off the headlight socket.
  • Pull off the rubber weather shroud from the rear of the headlight assembly.
  • Put on your latex gloves to ensure the oils from your fingers do not damage the headlight bulb. Twist the headlight counterclockwise until the tabs align with the slots of the headlight assembly. Pull out the current headlight.
  • Insert the replacement headlight into the assembly. Cover it with the rubber weather shroud. Thread the headlight socket through the hole in the shroud. Plug the headlight wiring harness into the headlight socket.