2008 Chevrolet Aveo Change Spark Plugs

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Chevrolet introduced the subcompact Aveo in the 2004 model year. In 2008, the Aveo came in two styles: a four-door sedan and a five-door hatchback. The Aveo's 1.6-liter engine had a basic distributorless ignition system, which included an ignition coil, four spark plug wires and four iridium spark plugs. This basic system makes for a straightforward spark plug replacement process. Chevrolet recommends replacing the spark plugs in this engine every 60,000 miles as a part of regular maintenance.

Tools Used[edit]

4 new NGK IFR6E11 (or equivalent) spark plugs
Spark plug gap tool
Socket set
Spark plug wire set
6-inch extension
Spark plug socket
Torque wrench

Change Spark Plugs[edit]

  • Check the gap between the center and ground electrode on all four new NGK IFR6E11 (or equivalent) spark plugs. The correct gap range for the 2008 Aveo is 0.039 to 0.043 inches. If any plugs are not within the specified range, exchange them for new plugs. Do not attempt to adjust the plugs, as iridium plugs are not adjustable.
  • Remove the four bolts securing the plastic engine cover to the engine, using a ratchet and socket. Pull the engine cover from the Aveo's engine.
  • Grab a spark plug wire boot -- the thick, rubber end going into the engine -- and pull it upward with a slight twisting motion to remove it from the spark plug.
  • Inspect the spark plug wire for any visual defects, such as: splitting, cracking, severe aging or brittleness. If any defects exist, replace the spark plug wires as a set.
  • Remove the spark plug from the engine, using a ratchet, 6-inch extension and a spark plug socket.
  • Pull the old spark plug from the spark plug socket and insert a new NGK IFR6E11 (or equivalent) spark plug into the socket. Feel for the spark plug to lock into place in the spark plug socket.
  • Hand-tighten the spark plug into the engine, using a spark plug socket and a 6-inch extension. Attach a torque wrench to the extension and tighten the spark plug to 18 foot-pounds.
  • Install the spark plug wire on top of the spark plug and press it downward until you feel it "click" into place.
  • Replace all four spark plugs, following Steps 3 through 8.
  • Set the plastic engine cover back on the engine and tighten the four retaining bolts to 2 to 3 foot-pounds, using a torque wrench and socket.