2006 Holden Ve Commodore Change a Fuel Filter

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The Holden Ve Commodore owner's manual recommends changing the fuel filter on the Commodore every 40,000 kilometers. Although this is an infrequent job, it is crucial that you do it on time. The fuel filter separates out impurities from the fuel line, preventing particulates and contaminants from reaching the motor. After thousands of kilometers of driving, the fuel filter can clog, preventing fuel from reaching the motor smoothly. The fuel filter on the Commodore is accessible and simple to replace.

Tools Used[edit]

Fuel clamps
Drainage bin
Car jack
Jack stand
Paper towels
Latex gloves
Crescent wrench
Replacement fuel filter

Change a Fuel Filter[edit]

  • Turn off the Ve Commodore. Prop open the hood with the hood support rods.
  • Open the fuse box in the engine compartment near the coolant tank. Pull out the fuel pump fuse. Turn the car back on. Let it stall. This action depressurizes the fuel line, preventing fuel from spurting out of the fuel pipes when you remove the fuel filter.
  • Loosen the negative battery terminal nut with your wrench. Pull the negative battery cable off the battery. Set it aside.
  • Raise the vehicle with your car jack on the side of the Commodore with the fuel cap. Slide the jack stand under the Commodore. Set the Commodore chassis on the jack stand to ensure extra safety while working under the car.
  • Put on your latex gloves. Slide under the car. Locate the fuel filter near the fuel tank. It looks like a small cylinder. Place the drainage bin below the fuel filter.
  • Clamp the two hoses attached to the fuel filter to ensure very little fuel spills out. Pull back on the fuel filter hose clamps. Wiggle the hoses off the fuel filter stems. Allow the fuel to spill into the drainage bin.
  • Loosen the two bolts securing the bracket in place that holds the fuel filter. Pull the fuel filter out of the bracket.
  • Insert the replacement fuel filter into the bracket in the same orientation as the previous fuel filter. Tighten the bracket around the fuel filter. Install the hoses onto the fuel filter's stems. Secure them in place by sliding the collars over the ends of the hoses, where they overlap the stems. Plug back in the fuel pump relay. Reattach the negative battery cable. Start the car. Let it run a few seconds. Turn it off. Start it again. Repeat this process twice more. This action floods the fuel filter with new fuel and pressurizes the fuel system.