2006 Ford Focus Change the Fuel Filter

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The 2006 Ford Focus comes with a in-line fuel filter. The fuel filter is made to keep any small particles from entering the fuel injectors and the engine. These small particles can include any rust from the gas tank or debris in the gas. When the gas is pumped out of the gas tank by the fuel pump, the gas enters into the fuel filter. Once the gas is inside of the fuel filter, the small fibers contained in the fuel filter trap and hold the small particles.

Tools Used[edit]

Floor jack
Jack stands
Gas catch container
Open-end wrench
New fuel filter

Change the Fuel Filter[edit]

  • Park the 2006 Ford Focus in a safe, well-ventilated area. Be sure to set the parking brake.
  • Remove the fuel cap from the fuel tank to release the gas pressure from the fuel filter.
  • Slide the floor jack up under the rear of the 2006 Ford Focus and jack it up. Put the jack stands under the rear jacking points on both sides of the Focus. Lower the floor jack so that the Focus is sitting evenly and securely on the jack stands.
  • Crawl under the very rear of the Focus and locate the fuel filter. The fuel filter is located between the gas tank and the rear suspension. The fuel filter will be a round, silver canister with a fuel line coming out of each end. Put the catch pan directly under the fuel filter.
  • Remove the fuel lines from the fuel filter by pushing in on the fuel lines until they unlock from the fuel filter ports. Then rotate the fuel line counterclockwise and pull the fuel lines straight off the ports. Do this to both fuel lines. Then, remove the bolt that is holding the fuel filter bracket tight over the fuel filter with an open-end wrench. Pull the fuel filter out and discard the fuel filter in the catch pan.
  • Push the new fuel filter into the bracket so that the filter is centered inside of the bracket. Be sure that the small arrow on the side of the fuel filter is facing away from the gas tank. Screw the bolt back into the bracket and tighten the bolt down tight with the open-end wrench. Pull the catch pan out from under the Focus.
  • Put the gas cap back on the gas tank and tighten the cap down completely tight.
  • Turn the ignition key on and off four times to fill the new fuel filter up with gas. Then crank the engine and let the engine run for at least one minute. Inspect the new fuel filter for leaks while the Focus is running and then turn the engine off.
  • Jack the rear of the Focus back up and pull the jack stands out from under the jacking points of the Focus. Then, slowly lower the Focus back to the ground.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • The small arrow on the side of the fuel filter is the fuel-flow arrow. This arrow must be facing away from the gas tank and towards the front of the Focus to be correctly installed.
  • Do not smoke around gas.
  • Wear safety glasses any time that you are working around gas.