2005 Toyota Corolla Replace Idler Pulley

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The 2005 Toyota Corolla has a number of pulleys connected to the engine. The pulleys on the engine of a Toyota Corolla are connected to the front of the engine in front of the radiator. The idler pulley is not connected to any major component on the engine. The idler pulley helps to guide the drive belt around the front of the engine and power all of the other components connected to the engine.

Tools Used[edit]

Engine pulley tool
Power drill

Replace Idler Pulley[edit]

Removing an Idler Pulley

  • Park the Toyota Corolla on flat ground. Open the hood and locate the idler pulley on the engine. The idler pulley will be the smallest pulley on the upper passenger side of the engine.
  • Connect the engine pulley tool to the idler pulley. Place the engine pulley tool on the front of the pulley, over the securing nut in the middle of the pulley. Brace the engine pulley's arms on the metal frame of the pulley and make sure that the nut in the middle of the idler pulley is inside the securing holes on the engine pulley tool.
  • Connect the power drill to the engine pulley tool. The power drill will connect to the small metal piece in the middle of the engine pulley tool. Tighten the tip of the power drill using the key on the power drill.
  • Pull the trigger on the power drill to unscrew the securing nut on the idler pulley. As the idler pulley loosens, pull the drive belt off of the idler pulley. Once the securing nut is off of the idler pulley, remove the idler pulley from the engine.

Installing an Idler Pulley

  • Place the idler pulley onto the engine in the same place and position where the old idler pulley was.
  • Replace the idler pulley securing nut to the idler pulley. Tighten the securing nut using the engine pulley tool the same way that you removed the securing nut.
  • Replace the drive belt to the new idler pulley as soon as the new idler pulley is secured to the engine. Completely tighten the new idler pulley to the engine and remove the engine pulley tool from the engine compartment.