2005 Ford Freestar Adjust the Headlights

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The headlights on your 2005 Ford Freestar must be adjusted when you replace the housing assembly, unless the housings came pre-adjusted from the factory. If the housing is adjusted improperly, you could blind oncoming traffic. There are two adjustment screws on the Freestar: One screw, located on the top of the housing, adjusts the vertical position of the headlights; the lateral position is controlled by the screw on the inside edge.

Tools Used[edit]

Phillips-head screwdriver

Adjust the Headlights[edit]

  • Park the Ford Freestar 25 feet away from a garage door, facing the door.
  • Turn on the headlights and shine them onto the door.
  • Open the hood and turn the adjustment screws until the headlight beams overlap by about 50%. Then, adjust the headlights so that the center of the headlight beam is positioned at the bottom of the door, where the door meets the ground.