2005 Ford Focus ZX4 Change an Alternator

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The 2005 Ford Focus ZX4 relies on a sophisticated electrical system to power the sedan's various electronic components. At the heart of this system is the alternator, which generates and regulates the electrical power for the Focus. If the alternator malfunctions, the Focus ZX4 won't remain running after the battery drains. If you suspect you have a bad alternator, have it tested. If it's truly bad, you can replace it yourself if you have basic auto-repair skills and an area to work on it safely.

Tools Used[edit]

2 Wheel chocks
Lug wrench
Battery wrench
Floor jack
Jack stand
Serpentine belt tool
Socket set
Torque wrench

Change an Alternator[edit]

  • Shove the wheel chocks against the front and back of the Focus's right-rear tire. Loosen the right-front lug nuts with the lug wrench.
  • Disconnect the negative battery cable from the Focus' battery, using the battery wrench. Lift the right-front of the Focus with the floor jack and support it on a jack stand placed under the frame or jack point, not the suspension.
  • Remove the belt from the alternator pulley by pushing the serpentine-belt tensioner aside with the serpentine-belt tool and then slipping the belt off the alternator pulley with your free hand.
  • Remove the right-front lug nuts and the wheel from the Focus by hand.
  • Reach in through the right-front wheel well and disconnect the wiring connector from the back of the alternator by hand. Unbolt the ground wire from the alternator with your socket set.
  • Remove the alternator mounting bolts from the Focus's alternator with the socket set. Lift the alternator out of the bracket by hand and remove it from the engine well through the wheel well.
  • Insert the new alternator in reverse order of the steps to remove the old one. Bolt it to the Focus' alternator bracket with the socket set.
  • Connect the wiring harness to the new alternator by hand. Bolt the ground strap to the new alternator with the socket set.
  • Reinstall the right-front wheel and lug nuts by hand. Lower the Focus off the jack stand with the floor jack.
  • Tighten the right-front lug nuts to 85 foot-pounds, using the torque wrench. Reconnect the negative battery cable in reverse of how you disconnected it. Remove the wheel chocks before driving the Focus.