2005 Ford Escape Change the Alternator

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The alternator generates all the electricity for a 2005 Ford Escape while the engine is running. As the crankshaft turns the crank pulley, the torque is transferred to a pulley on the nose of the alternator, which spins the internal generator and creates electricity. The Ford Escape uses electricity for the fuel system, air conditioning, engine management and various other accessories, such as the lights, radio and air bags. If your alternator begins failing, you may experience odd behavior from one or more electrically powered components. When it fails completely, the Escape will run only until the battery is depleted.

Tools Used[edit]

Battery wrench
Belt tensioner tool
Pocket screwdriver
Socket set
Replacement alternator

Change the Alternator[edit]

  • Raise the hood and use the battery wrench to disconnect the negative battery cable.
  • Insert the belt tensioner tool into the belt tensioner and carefully pry the tensioner pulley off the belt. Move the belt off the alternator pulley with your free hand.
  • Disconnect the wiring harness from the back of the alternator, using the pocket screwdriver to release the retaining clip in the connector and then pulling the connector out of the port in the alternator. Unbolt and remove the ground wire using the socket set.
  • Use the socket set to unbolt the alternator. Hold the alternator in place with one hand while pulling the bolts out with your other hand once you have loosened the bolts enough to do so.
  • Lift the old alternator out of the engine well and compare it to the replacement alternator. Make sure the two are identical by verifying the bolt holes are in the same positions and the wiring connector is in the same position on each.
  • Place the new alternator in position and hold it there with one hand while you thread the bolts in with the other. Once the bolts can support the weight of the alternator, tighten them using the socket set.
  • Plug the wiring connector into the replacement alternator and reattach the ground wire using the socket set.
  • Use the tensioner tool to move the tensioner pulley away from the belt once more and slip the belt over the replacement alternator's pulley. Release the pressure on the tensioner tool carefully and remove it from the engine well after you have made sure the belt is seated on all the pulleys.
  • Reconnect the battery cable and start the engine. Watch the belt to make sure it is traveling around the pulley path correctly before driving the vehicle.