2005 Chevrolet TrailBlazer Replace Rear Brake Pads

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The 2005 Chevrolet TrailBlazer is a mid-size sport utility vehicle (SUV) manufactured by General Motors. It utilizes both disc and drum brakes, with the disc brakes being used for stopping and the drum brakes acting as a parking brake. The disc brakes contain brake pads that rub on the brake rotor to create friction which, in turn, causes the truck to stop. This rubbing also wears down the brake pads, which need to be replaced regularly over the life of the SUV.

Tools Used[edit]

Tire iron
Floor jack
Jack stands
Ratchet and socket set (including 15 mm)
Long-neck, flat head screwdriver
New brake hardware set
New brake pads

Replace Rear Brake Pads[edit]

Accessing the Brakes

  • Park the TrailBlazer on a level and solid surface.
  • Use a tire iron to loosen the lug nuts on both rear wheels.
  • Slide a floor jack under the rear differential and lift the back of the SUV.
  • Place a jack stand under each side of the rear axle next to the springs and lower the rear of the SUV onto the jack stands.
  • Use the tire iron to fully remove the lug nuts then remove the tires.

Replacing the Brake Pads

  • Use a ratchet and socket set to loosen the outer (furthest from the axle) set of bolts on the back of the disc brake assembly. The factory defaults are 15 mm.
  • Remove the inner set of bolts on the back of the disc brake assembly with the ratchet and socket set.
  • Slide a long-neck, flat head screwdriver between the assembly and the brake rotor and pry the assembly up and away from the brake rotor.
  • Tap the old brakes towards the center of the assembly with the end of the screwdriver. The old brake hardware clips will fall out of the brake pad tracks once the pads are removed.
  • Attach the new brake hardware clips into the brake pad tracks.
  • Slide the new brake pads into the tracks in the same placement as the old brake pads. Make sure the pads are pressed all the way back against the caliper supports.
  • Set the brake assembly over the brake rotor and insert the inner set of bolts.
  • Use the ratchet and socket set to tighten the inner set of bolts then the outer set of bolts.

Completing the Replacement

  • Repeat the brake pad changing process for the other side of the SUV.
  • Mount each tire on the axle squarely then evenly screw on the lug nuts.
  • Lift the rear end of the SUV by the differential with the floor jack.
  • Remove the jack stands then lower the rear end of the SUV to the ground.
  • Tighten all of the lug nuts on both rear wheels.