2004 Pontiac Bonneville Replace Headlights

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The 2004 Pontiac Bonneville, produced by General Motors, offers luxury with the attitude that comes with a powerful V8 engine. If you own one of these comfortable cars you probably want to take good care of it. Repairing the headlights is one maintenance task you can do at home, without the need to take it to a repair shop.

Tools Used[edit]

Screwdriver set
Replacement bulb # 9006SU

Replace Headlights[edit]

  • Pop the hood and go the to rear of the burned out headlight bulb. Lift the retaining clip and remove the covering panel. Then pull the headlight assembly back a few inches to reach the bulb.
  • Locate the electrical cord coming from the headlight assembly. This connects the light to the car's electrical system. Unplug the cord from the headlight.
  • Press the bulb slightly and twist it to the left to remove it from the socket.
  • Insert the new bulb by twisting it to the right to secure it in place.
  • Plug the cord back into the headlight assembly. Push the assembly back in place. Reattach the cover and close the hood.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • Wrap the burned out bulb in paper before disposing of it in the trash.
  • Apply the emergency brake before working on a car.