2003 Toyota 4Runner Change Side Marker Light

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The side marker lights for a 2003 Toyota 4Runner are installed within the headlight housing in the upper outer corner, should you need to change one. It is possible to replace one of the light bulbs while the housing is still installed, but the bulb socket can be difficult to reach. If you're willing to take the extra time and effort to remove the headlight housing, it will make the side marker bulb easier to disconnect and replace.

Tools Used[edit]

Floor jack
Tire iron
Side-marker light bulb
Rubber or latex gloves

Change Side Marker Light[edit]

Changing the Light

  • Turn the bulb socket for the side-marker light bulb counterclockwise and pull it out.
  • Pull the light bulb out of the socket.
  • Push the replacement bulb into the socket until it is all the way in. Wear gloves while handling the bulb to avoid getting natural oils on the glass.
  • Install the socket into the headlight housing and turn it clockwise. Make sure the arrow imprinted on the socket lines up with the dot on the housing.

Removing the Headlight Housing

  • Disconnect the truck's negative battery cable.
  • Pry off the six retaining tabs for the bumper cover using a screwdriver and disengage the six claws on the underside to remove the bumper cover's trim panel.
  • Disconnect all the electrical connectors for the headlight bulbs. Unscrew and remove the small, thin trim piece between the bumper cover and the headlight housing.
  • Raise the right or left end of the truck (whichever end has the housing you're removing) with the floor jack, remove the wheel with the tire iron and detach the inner fender splash shield by removing its push pins.
  • Remove the upper and lower mounting bolts for the headlight housing with a wrench--the lower bolt is accessible through the fender well--and remove the housing.
  • Remove and replace the side marker bulb as described in Section 1.
  • Install the headlight housing back onto the truck and apply its bolts with the wrench, then connect the electrical connectors.
  • Reconnect the fender splash shield, wheel and all bumper covers using their fasteners. Lower the car off the jack and reconnect the battery cable.