2003 Ford Ranger Replace a Fuel Filter

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The Ford Ranger was introduced by Ford Motor Company in the early 1980s as an answer to small foreign pickup trucks that were beginning to flood the market. The Ford Ranger was offered with four- and six-cylinder engines, much like all Rangers offered as of 2010. Your 2003 Ranger came standard with a fuel injected engine. Part of your regular maintenance regimen is replacement of the fuel filter, which keeps dirt and other particles from contaminating your fuel system.

Tools Used[edit]

2 Car ramps
2 Wheel chocks
Adjustable wrench
Fuel filter

Replace a Fuel Filter[edit]

  • Drive your Ranger onto a set of carramps and set the parking brake. Make sure your automatic transmission in in park, or your manual transmission is left in gear. Chock the rear wheels to prevent accidental movement while you are under the vehicle.
  • Loosen the fuel filler cap to relieve the pressure in the fuel system.
  • Crawl under the truck and locate the fuel filter which is mounted to the inside of the driver's side (left side) frame rail.
  • Disconnect the fuel lines from the fuel filter by pushing the line inward toward the filter while simultaneously twisting the line slightly in a counterclockwise direction. Pull the line from the filter and push it aside. Repeat this process for the fuel line on the opposite side of the filter.
  • Loosen the filter holding clamp with an adjustable wrench turned in a counterclockwise direction. Swing the clamp downward and extract the filter from it and discard it.
  • Place a new filter in the clamp and swing it up toward the frame rail. Make sure the arrow on the filter is pointing toward the front of the vehicle. Tighten the clamp with an adjustable wrench turned in a clockwise direction.
  • Reattach the two fuel lines to the new filter by pushing them into the fittings on the filter and twisting slightly in a clockwise direction until they lock into place. Tighten the fuel filter cap and start the vehicle. Release the parking brake and back off of the car ramps.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • Purchase the correct fuel filter for your vehicle. Do not install a universal-type filter on your vehicle, as it may burst from the high fuel pressure of your fuel-injected system.