2002 Saturn SL Add Freon A/C

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A 2002 Saturn features a sealed A/C system that doesn't require additional freon when it's operating correctly. A leaking A/C system should be repaired before any new freon is added to avoid atmosphere contamination and wasted money on a product that will just leak out again. Freon leaks can be due to a damaged compressor, hose, fittings or condenser. Freon, which is also known as R134a, can be purchased at auto parts retailers. Choose a R134a recharge kit with a low-pressure gauge and a hose featuring a fitting that connects directly to the A/C compressor's low-pressure line.

Tools Used[edit]

Safety glasses
R134a recharge kit with low-pressure gauge

Add Freon A/C[edit]

  • Turn the Saturn air conditioner to full operation and open the hood with the engine running. Locate the air conditioner compressor at the left side of the engine bay.
  • Put on your safety glasses. Inspect the compressor and locate the high-pressure and low-pressure hoses. Remove the dust cap on the low-pressure hose fitting to expose the connector. Attach the R134a recharge kit hose fitting to the low-pressure connector.
  • Twist the recharge kit handle to release R134a into the low-pressure line. Keep the can upright and away from any engine components. Press down slightly on the throttle arm to rev the engine between 1500 and 2000 rpms while the coolant is being added. Shake the can every few minutes to agitate the R134a.
  • Monitor the low-pressure gauge on the recharge kit to make sure it does not go above 40 psi while you are adding R134a to the low-pressure line. Release the throttle arm so the Saturn returns to a regular idle. Turn the recharge kit off when the psi reaches 25-40 on the pressure gauge.
  • Remove the R134a recharge kit hose fitting from the low-pressure line connector and replace the dust cap. Place a thermostat into the Saturn's center air vent and wait five minutes with the air conditioner on. Check the thermostat to ensure the air temp coming from the vent is 40 degrees Fahrenheit.