2002 Honda Accord Enter Stereo Code

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The 2002 Honda Accord comes equipped with an AM/FM stereo with built-in CD player. The stock deck is also equipped with an anti-theft feature that requires the input of a four-digit security code following a power disconnection. Accord owners who remove the stereo, replace the battery or experience any other interruption in power to the stereo system will need to enter a personal security code before operating the stereo unit.

Enter Stereo Code[edit]

  • Turn on the ignition for the Accord. The engine does not need to be running. The word "COdE" will appear on the stereo's display.
  • Press the tuning knob located on the left side of the stereo's face. The "C" in "COdE" will be replaced with a "1." Turn the knob until the value of the first digit matches the first character of your stereo's security code. Press the knob to lock-in the first digit. The stereo will beep and the "O" in "COdE" will be replaced with a "1," prompting you to enter the next digit of the code.
  • Turn the knob to the number corresponding with the second digit in the code. Press the knob and proceed to enter the last two digits in the same way as the first two were entered.
  • Press the knob after you've entered the fourth and final digit. The stereo will display the time if the code entered is correct. If the code that you have entered is incorrect, the display will read "Err."

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • After three incorrect entries, the stereo will lock, requiring you to visit the dealership with proper identification to have the code reset.