2002 GMC Yukon Change Front Brakes

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The 2002 GMC Yukon uses large brake calipers and pads. If you need to change the front brakes on this vehicle, you must have the correct size and type of replacement pads. Most auto parts stores stock these parts by vehicle type. You will likely need to change the brakes at about 60,000 miles, though this can vary depending on the vehicle's use.

Tools Used[edit]

Turkey baster siphon
Floor jack
Jack stands
Lug wrench
Torx wrench
Brake pads
Anti-squeal compound
High-temperature grease
Torque wrench

Change Front Brakes[edit]


  • Siphon out the majority of the brake fluid from the master cylinder reservoir. Two-thirds is good, but don't remove so much that you allow air into the system.
  • Raise the front end and support it on jack stands, then remove both front wheels.
  • Connect a c-clamp to one of the caliper's two pistons and compress the piston, then repeat for the other piston. This will push fluid back to the cylinder and reservoir; ensure it won't flow out the reservoir.
  • Loosen and remove the lower bolt on the caliper with a large Torx wrench and pivot the caliper upward to open it and the caliper bracket.
  • Remove the inner side caliper from the bracket and then the outer side one.


  • Apply anti-squeal compound to the back sides of both replacement brake pads. Squeeze the compound into circles that meet up with the edges of the caliper pistons.
  • Insert the new pads into the caliper bracket, starting with the inner pad.
  • Pull out the slide pin from the mounting bracket and lubricate it and the bolt with high-temperature grease. Reconnect the slide pin.
  • Swing the caliper back down onto the bracket and install the bolt, tightening it to 80 foot-pounds.
  • Repeat the process for the brake caliper on the other side.
  • Reconnect the wheels and lower the Yukon off the jack stands.
  • Check the brake fluid level in the cylinder reservoir. It should be higher, but you may still need to add more fresh fluid to the fill level.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • You will likely need to pump the pedal a few times to properly seat the brake pads; ensure the pedal feels firm.