2002 Chevrolet Silverado Replace Serpentine Belt

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Chevrolet's 2002 Silverado half-ton pickup uses a serpentine drive belt instead of the V-belts previously used on Chevrolet trucks. The serpentine belt winds through the pulleys in a snake-like manner, hence the name. Chevrolet suggests you inspect the belt at every oil change and suggests you replace it when you notice signs of fraying, excessive cracking or rib loss. Anyone with basic auto-repair experience can replace the 2002 Silverado serpentine belt in about 30 minutes.

Tools Used[edit]

Serpentine belt tool

Replace Serpentine Belt[edit]

  • Open the Silverado's hood and familiarize yourself with the belt routing diagram, which is attached to the fan shroud or the underside of the hood. The diagram illustrates the location of the belt tensioner and various pulleys in the system as well as the proper belt path.
  • Pull the belt tensioner off the belt using the serpentine belt tool. Hold the tensioner away while you pull the belt off to the side. Slowly move the tensioner back into position.
  • Pull the Silverado's belt off the remaining pulleys. Extricate the belt from the engine by hand.
  • Stretch the used belt and new belt out fully side by side to make sure the new belt is the proper length. The old belt should extend about a half-inch beyond the new belt, because it has stretched during its service life. If the new belt is shorter than that, or longer than the new one, take both to the parts store to match to a proper replacement belt.
  • Loop the new belt under the Silverado's crankshaft pulley. Follow the belt routing diagram to route the belt around the remaining pulleys, leaving the tensioner pulley for last. Consult the diagram early and often to prevent misrouting the belt.
  • Move the Silverado's belt tensioner aside again with the serpentine belt tool. Slide the belt over the tensioner pulley and hold it to the pulley while you move the tensioner slowly back into place. Pull the tool out of the engine well. Shut the hood.