2001 Toyota Camry Adjust the Rear Brakes

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Adjusting the rear drum brakes on your 2001 Toyota Camry will in many cases fix a weak parking brake. The drum brake system on the Camry uses a self adjuster mechanism that will help keep the rear brakes adjusted but only if the parking brake is used when the car is parked. When the parking brake is applied a lever in the rear brakes, attached to the parking brake mechanism, moves the adjuster to expand the brake shoes. If the parking brake is never used the rear brake shoes lose adjustment.

Tools Used[edit]

Wheel chocks
Floor jack
Jack stands
Brake adjuster tool
Small screwdriver

Adjust the Rear Brakes[edit]

  • Place the transmission in park or first gear and block the front wheel on the Camry with the wheel chocks. Place a wheel chock in front of and behind the front wheel that is on the opposite side of the rear wheel you will adjust first.
  • Lift the rear wheel by placing a floor jack under the lift point located on the lower edge of the rocker panel a few inches in front of the rear wheel opening. Position a jack stand under the rear frame of the car and lower the car onto the stand by releasing the floor jack. Most floor jacks are released by turning the jack handle counterclockwise.
  • Slide under the rear of the car and locate the rubber plug that covers the access slot in the back of the brake system's backing plate, located near the top of the backing plate just below the brake line. Use a small screwdriver to pry the rubber plug out of the backing plate.
  • Insert the brake adjusting tool (also called a brake spoon) into the slot until you feel it contact the star wheel on the adjuster. Use the tool to pry the star wheel upward to expand the shoes. Rotate the wheel and adjust the brakes until a slight drag is felt on the drum from the shoes making contact. Reinstall the rubber plug and repeat the process for the opposite rear wheel.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • After adjusting the brakes test the parking brake for proper function and adjust the parking brake cable if necessary.