2001 Saturn SL1 Clean EGR Valves

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Cleaning the exhaust gas recirculation valve on your 2001 Saturn SL1 goes a long way toward extending the life of your car. With a dirty EGR valve you are making the engine work harder to breathe, which leads to reliability problems down the road. Some symptoms of a dirty EGR valve are: high idle, rough idle, rough starts, engine stutter, decreased acceleration, and poor fuel economy. Cleaning the EGR valve costs next to nothing and is something you can do in your own driveway, helping to keep your car problem-free.

Tools Used[edit]

Flathead screw driver
Ratchet set
carb cleaner

Clean EGR Valves[edit]

  • Open the hood.
  • Use a flathead screwdriver and turn counter-clockwise to loosen the clamp holding the hose in place.
  • Pull the hose off of the intake opening to reveal the EGR valve. The EGR valve is now visible and it is located under the area the hose used to occupy (under the black plastic air intake box).
  • Remove the electrical plug at the top of the EGR valve.
  • Use a ratchet to remove the bolts holding the bracket on the back side of the EGR valve in place.
  • Remove the front bolts with a ratchet to free the EGR valve.
  • Hold the EGR valve sideways and spray carb cleaner into the opening.
  • Use a pipe cleaner to clean the inside of the EGR valve.
  • Wipe the opening of the EGR with a paper towel to clear any leftover debris.
  • Work in reverse order to re-install the EGR to its proper location.