2001 Honda Accord Replace Dashboard Light

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The 2001 Honda Accord has three light bulbs installed behind the dashboard. The dashboard has to be disconnected from the frame and the firewall to gain access to the rear of the dashboard. The light bulbs are in plain sight once the dashboard has been pulled off the frame. The light bulbs are simply pulled from their sockets without the need for tools. The moderately difficult part of the process is removing the dashboard from the frame.

Tools Used[edit]

Phillips head screwdriver
Replacement bulbs

Replace Dashboard Light[edit]

  • Pull the carpet away from the frame on the front floor under the dashboard where it meets the frame. Remove the screws securing the dashboard to the frame using the screwdriver.
  • Open the glove box and remove the two screws in the right and left corners using the screwdriver. Remove the screws on the right and left side of the dashboard at the point where the doors meets the dashboard as well.
  • Pull the dashboard slowly away from the frame until the dashboard touches the steering wheel column. Look behind the dashboard and remove the lights from the sockets. One light is behind the speedometer, and two are behind the middle console.
  • Insert the new light bulbs into the light sockets. Replace the dashboard the opposite way that you removed it from the frame.