2001 Ford Windstar Replace Power Window Motor

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The power window system on the 2001 Ford Windstar is part of the minivan's convenience package, which also includes power door locks, remote entry and cruise control. The power window motor is the heart of the Windstar's power window system. Without a fully functional power window motor, the entire system grinds to a halt. The window motor, located inside the door, moves the window regulator that holds the window. Anyone with basic auto repair experience and an hour of free time can replace the power window motor on a 2001 Ford Windstar.

Tools Used[edit]

Trim tool
Socket set
Packing tape

Replace Power Window Motor[edit]

  • Pry the 2001 Ford Windstar's power window switch and switch bezel assembly out of the door panel using your trim tool. Unhook the window switch from the door harness by hand.
  • Remove the hex-head screws holding the Windstar's door panel to the door using the socket set. Place all the screws in one area within easy reach.
  • Lift upward on the Windstar's door panel several inches and then pull it off the door. Set the door panel in an area where it won't incur damage before reinstallation.
  • Lift the Windstar's window to the top of the window frame by hand. Tape the window to the top of the door with packing tape to prevent it from descending back into the door during the repair.
  • Unhook the Windstar's door harness from the window motor by hand. Remove the bolts holding the window motor to the window regulator and the door bracket with your socket set.
  • Remove the Windstar's old window motor by hand. Place the new window motor in position. Bolt the new window motor to the door bracket and the window regulator using your socket set.
  • Plug the Windstar's door harness into the new window motor manually. Reinstall the door panel in reverse of removal. Peel the packing tape from the Windstar's window before using your new window motor.