2001 Ford Taurus Change Dash Light Bulb

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The dash lights in your 2001 Ford Taurus are small bulbs that plug into the back of the instrument panel. The bulbs illuminate the dash and allow you to see the instrument panel easily at night. Even though these are low wattage bulbs, they do burn out over time. Replacement bulbs for your Taurus' dash lights can be purchased from most auto parts stores. Once you have the replacement bulb, you'll need to know how to change the dash light.

Tools Used[edit]

Replacement dash light bulb

Change Dash Light Bulb[edit]

  • Unscrew the two mounting screws on the top of the underside of the instrument panel cowl.
  • Pull the cowl trim off of the instrument panel.
  • Remove the four screws that hold the instrument panel in place using a screwdriver.
  • Slide the instrument panel forward and unplug the electrical connectors from the back of the panel.
  • Turn the panel over and locate the bulb you want to replace.
  • Turn the bulb counter-clockwise to unlock it from the back of the panel. Then pull it off of the back of the panel.
  • Install the new bulb. Installation of the bulb is the reverse of removal.
  • Reconnect the electrical connectors, slide the panel back into the dash, and secure the panel, and then secure the cowl trim using the factory mounting screws and a screwdriver.