2001 Ford Focus Replace Serpentine Belt

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The 2001 Ford Focus' engine is operated mainly by a large belt that runs criss-cross through its front section. This is known as the serpentine belt, due to its serpentine zigzag through the engine. It is a simple piece of rubber to tend to, but it should be checked bi-monthly for large cracks or wear spots. If the belt looks like it needs to be replaced, it is better to not take chances: The low price and ease of changing a belt far outweighs the disaster of having your belt give out and your car literally not moving.

Tools Used[edit]

Socket wrench

Replace Serpentine Belt[edit]

  • Set the socket wrench in to the square hole in the tensioner pulley. The tensioner pulley is the 5- to 10-inch diameter pulley in the upper center section of the belt pathway.
  • Remove the tension from the belt by applying downward pressure to the wrench. Remove the belt.
  • Install the new belt, following the diagram posted in the engine compartment of the car next to the hood latch. Put the belt on the pulley last, once again using the socket wrench as a lever to lower the pulley.