2001 Chevrolet S10 Remove Radiator

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The radiator on your Chevrolet S10 is a vital component of the engine cooling system. When the radiator becomes damaged, it may be possible to take it to a radiator service shop and have it repaired rather than buying a new radiator. To do this, you will need to remove the radiator from the engine compartment and take it to the shop so they can seal any holes in the system. This job requires few tools and less than an hour.

Tools Used[edit]

Socket set, 1/4-inch drive
Flat screwdriver

Uninstall a Radiator[edit]

  • Open the hood to disconnect the negative battery cable. If your S10 is equipped with an anti-theft stereo, be sure to turn off the lockout feature prior to disconnecting the battery.
  • Place a large bucket under the radiator and pull the drain plug. If you run your hand along the bottom of the radiator, you will find the drain plug. This is where you should place the bucket so it will collect the coolant from the cooling system.
  • Remove the fan shroud and air intake duct from the top-front of the engine compartment. The fan shroud will be covering the intake fan, immediately in front of the radiator. It is connected to the frame of the vehicle with small bolts that you will turn counterclockwise to remove.
  • Remove the automatic transmission cooler lines from the radiator if your S10 is equipped with an automatic transmission. There are two lines on the right side of the radiator, one at the top and one at the bottom. Wrap a rag around the open end of the transmission cooler lines to prevent dirt from entering the lines while you are removing the radiator.
  • Disconnect the upper and lower radiator hoses. These black, pressure hoses are typically secured with hose clamps. If there is a screw in the hose clamp, turn it counterclockwise to loosen the clamp and slide it down the hose. If there is not a screw in the hose clamp, simply squeeze the tabs on the top of the clamp together to open the clamp.
  • Remove the lower fan shroud assembly by using a screwdriver to press on the plastic tabs holding it in place. This will release the radiator and you will be able to pull it straight up to remove it from the engine compartment.