2000 Volkswagen Beetle Replace Left Electric Window

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The Beetle is a mid-size car that was first released in 1949, manufactured by Volkswagen. The Beetle, like most cars, will eventually have problems impairing its overall usability. When your Beetle's window stops rolling up or down, or moves slowly, this means that it's time to replace the motor inside the window.

Tools Used[edit]

Electric window set
Trim tool

Replace Left Electric Window[edit]

  • Park the car in a safe place and then turn it off. Unscrew the screw on the side of the battery cables to disconnect the electrical wirings connected to the battery.
  • Remove the window switch and door panel. Wedge a trim tool on the space between the window switch and its case. Pry around the edges and make sure that on the last side of the switch, you use extra force to pry the switch off the compartment. Once you have pried it apart, lift it up and disconnect the wires that are connected to it. Use a screwdriver to remove all the screws on the panel. Double check to make sure that all the screws are removed. Next, wedge a screwdriver around the corners of the door panel then gently remove the door panel.
  • Remove the glass. Once you have removed the door panel, you need to peel off the plastic covering. Then, remove the old glass. Remove the clips and brackets that secure the glass in place. Carefully remove the glass and put it somewhere safe.
  • Replace the new glass. Before you place the new glass on the window frame, wash it first. When it is dry, place it on the window frame. Grasp the window glass firmly and slide it from the bottom until it reaches the top. Realign the clips and brackets to make sure it is secure. Replace the plastic covering on the interior door panel.
  • Replace the panel and the switch. Secure the door panel using the screws and screwdriver. Reconnect the electrical wirings on the new window switch and place it in its compartment. Secure the switch with screws and a screwdriver. Reconnect the wires connected to the battery.