2000 Pontiac Montana Adjust Headlights

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The 2000 Pontiac Montana features two adjustment screws that direct the lateral and vertical aim of the headlight beams. Unlike some vehicles, the low beams and high beams have the same adjustment screws, meaning each assembly has a single pair of screws. These screws are readily accessible under the hood and simple to use. This is good news for those whose headlights are shooting off into space or over into the wrong lane.

Tools Used[edit]

Tape measure

Adjust Headlights[edit]

  • Park your 2000 Pontiac Montana facing a vertical surface--such as a garage door--and as close to the surface as possible.
  • Place a cross of horizontal and vertical tape on the wall directly in front of each headlight assembly. These crosses act as targets for aiming your headlight beams.
  • Measure 25 feet behind the wall and mark the spot with a piece of tape. Back up the 2000 Pontiac Montana until the headlights are directly over the tape. Turn on the headlights and prop open the hood.
  • Turn the adjustment screws on the headlight assembly using a Phillips-head screwdriver until the beams hit within 2 inches of the inner and lower portion of the cross-marks of tape directly in front of each headlight.