2000 Pontiac Grand Prix Replace Serpentine Belt

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The serpentine belt on the 2000 Grand Prix is responsible for controlling all of the front engine accessories. These accessories include the air conditioner, water pump, alternator and the power steering pump. The belt is a single, wide belt that routes around each pulley in to control each accessory at the same time. When the motor is cranked and running, the crankshaft pulley turns the serpentine belt. If the belt becomes excessively frayed or cracked, replace it immediately. If the belt breaks, the accessories will stop working.

Tools Used[edit]

1/2-inch drive breaker bar
Metric sockets
New belt

Replace Serpentine Belt[edit]

  • Open the hood of the 2000 Grand Prix and locate the small serpentine belt routing diagram that is stamped to the top, left-hand side of the fan shroud. Refer to this diagram for the routing instructions when installing the new serpentine belt.
  • Inspect the belt tensioner. The belt tensioner is a two-part component with a spring- loaded arm at the top and a roller pulley at the bottom. The belt tensioner for the 2000 Grand Prix is located on the front-center of the engine below the alternator and above the air conditioner compressor. Use the bolt head in the middle of the roller pulley to rotate the tensioner.
  • Position the breaker bar and socket onto the bolt head in the middle of the roller pulley. Rotate the tensioner counterclockwise until the belt is loose. Then, pull the belt out from under the roller pulley. Release the tensioner slowly and remove the breaker bar.
  • Pull the belt out of all of the accessory pulleys. Then, pull the belt out of the engine bay and match it to the new belt. Ensure that the new belt is the proper width and length as the old belt.
  • Route the new belt around each accessory by referring to the belt-routing guide. Leave the tensioner roller pulley for last. Rotate the tensioner again counterclockwise and slide the new belt under the roller pulley. Release the tensioner slowly and remove the breaker bar.
  • Inspect the new belt very well to ensure that it is routed properly and that the belt is seated inside of the accessory pulleys. Then, crank the 2000 Grand Prix for about 10 seconds to completely seat the belt to the inside of the pulleys.
  • Turn the engine off, recheck the belt and close the hood.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • If the serpentine belt routing diagram can't be found anywhere under the hood, sketch out a routing diagram by following the routing process of the old belt.
  • Be sure to take the keys out of the ignition before working inside of the engine compartment. This will prevent anyone from accidentally cranking the engine.