2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse Adjust Timing Mark

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The 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse sports coupe featured a 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine and a 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine. Both engines have a factory recommended ignition timing of 5 degrees. The ignition timing controls when a spark will occur in the internal combustion engines. It's possible for the ignition timing of your Eclipse to be thrown off over the course of regular everyday driving, but you can adjust it with a straightforward procedure. You should periodically check the ignition timing of your Eclipse to keep up with its maintenance.

Tools Used[edit]

Timing light
Wheel chocks
Jumper cables

Adjust Timing Mark[edit]

  • Park the vehicle in an area with space to work on the engine. Turn off all accessories including the air conditioning, heater and radio.
  • Chock the wheels and apply the emergency brake. Start the engine and allow it to warm to an idle speed of about 750 rpm.
  • Exit the vehicle with emergency brake firmly applied and open the hood to work on the engine.
  • Turn the fast idle speed mode of your engine by turning on the idle speed control located by your engine. This will bring the engine back to a warm idle speed so that you can adjust the ignition timing correctly.
  • Attach the timing light to the battery by placing the red clip on the positive terminal first and the black clip on the negative terminal second. Then attach the timing light clamps to the Number One spark plug wire connected to the cylinder head and shine the timing light on the pulley connected to the main crankshaft.
  • Check the timing mark on the pulley and compare it to the degree tab on the front of the engine. You can bring your car back to its normal state if you are satisfied with the current ignition time.
  • Use your wrench to loosen the distributor lock-down bolt located at the base of the distributor housing and disconnect the distributor vacuum hose from the distributor housing. Plug the distributor vacuum hose into the electronic spark computer and ground the carburetor switch with the jumper cables.
  • Rotate the distributor with your hand until the timing mark on the pulley falls to the ignition time you desire. Do not deviate too far from 5 degrees or you will risk damaging your engine.
  • Unplug the distributor vacuum hose from the electronic spark computer and reconnect it into the distributor housing. Tighten the lock-down bolt with your wrench and remove the jumper cables from the carburetor switch. Turn off the idle speed control. Remove the timing light components from the engine, the wheel chocks, and close the hood of your car.