2000 Dodge Neon Install Thermostat

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The 2000 Dodge Neon thermostat is designed to fail in the safe position. This means the thermostat stops working in a position where radiator fluid can flow through the engine unrestricted. This "fail safe" is designed to keep the engine from overheating. If the engine overheats, the result will be warped engine heads and even a warped engine block. Both of which can cause thousands of dollars to repair. The drawback to this method is that the inside of the vehicle will fail to produce heat until a new thermostat is put into place.

Tools Used[edit]

2002 Dodge Neon thermostat
2002 Dodge Neon thermostat gasket

Install Thermostat[edit]

  • Trace the top radiator hose from the radiator to the location where the hose secures to the engine. The metal cover that the hose connects to houses the thermostat.
  • Remove the two 10-millimeter bolts that secure the cover onto the engine with a wrench. If you cannot reach the bolts or you are using a socket/ratchet, remove the radiator hose from the metal cover by removing the radiator hose clamp.
  • Lift the metal cover off the thermostat to expose the thermostat. With the radiator hose still attached to the cover, lift upward on it to drain the fluid back into the engine. Push the cover and the hose off to the side. If you removed the hose, simply lift up on the metal cover and place it off to the side.
  • Pull the broken thermostat out of the engine and place a new one into place. The new one should be orientated in the same manner as the old one to ensure proper fluid circulation.
  • Lift the old gasket off the engine and place the new gasket into place. The new gasket should remain dry throughout this process.
  • Bolt the metal cover back onto the engine using the old bolts. If the radiator hose was removed during the tear down process, secure the hose back onto the metal cover with the radiator hose clamp.