2000 Chevrolet Suburban Change the Fuel Pump

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The electric fuel pump of a 2000 Chevrolet Suburban is inside the fuel tank. The fuel pump cleans the fuel and pumps it through the fuel lines. If your fuel pump is faulty, you may not be able to start your Suburban, the engine might die while you are driving, or you may simply notice it lag when you try to accelerate. Changing a fuel pump is a difficult task because the fuel tank has to be removed to access the pump.

Tools Used[edit]

Siphon kit
Gas can
Vehicle jack
Tire iron
Jack stands
Socket wrench set and drive ratchet
Hose quick disconnect tool
Small pry bar
Motor oil
New fuel pump part number B0040ZHAKO

Change the Fuel Pump[edit]

  • Open the hood of your 2000 Suburban. Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery. Open the relay and fuse box. Pull out the fuel pump relay. Locate the Shraeder pressure valve on the fuel rail, behind the master cylinder and near the fuel injectors. Press down on the valve with a rag. This releases the pressure from the system as an added precaution.
  • Open the gas cap. Insert a siphon hose into the gas fill pipe. Siphon out the gas from the tank into a gas can or a few gas cans if your tank is full.
  • Engage your parking brake. Raise the Suburban with a carjack. Lower the chassis of the Suburban onto two jack stands placed below the chassis.
  • Loosen the collars of the vent and fuel hoses that are connected to the gas tank with your screwdriver. Remove the collars. Disconnect the hoses.
  • Set the floor jack below the gas tank. Remove one of the straps holding the gas tank against the chassis. Push the gas tank away from the frame rail with a pry bar and let the loosened end fall onto the floor jack.
  • Look above the gas tank at the top of the fuel pump. The rest of the fuel pump is submerged in the tank. Disconnect the wiring harness, EVAP tube and return gas line with a hose quick connect tool. Insert the end of the tool into the fitting, press inward and pull the line off of the joint.
  • Loosen the second strap holding the tank in place so that the tank falls onto the floor jack.
  • Loosen the metal retaining ring holding the fuel pump to the tank by striking the tabs with a hammer and chisel. Pull off the ring, the fuel pump and the fuel pump gasket from the tank.
  • Lubricate the new gasket with motor oil. Set it on the tank opening. Slide the new pump into the opening of the gas tank. Position the joints on top of the pump so they face the same direction the previous joints faced on the old pump. Secure it in place with the locking ring.
  • Follow Steps 4 through 7 in reverse to remount the gas tank and reattach the hoses and electrical connections.
  • Fill up the tank with the gas you siphoned out earlier. Reconnect the negative battery cable and the fuel pump relay. Turn the Suburban's ignition key several times until the engine cranks. Look below the Suburban for any leaks. Re-tighten any leaky fittings if you notice a leak. Lower the Suburban to the ground.