2000 Chevrolet Silverado Remove the Rear Bearings

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Chevrolet has been manufacturing trucks since 1947. The old timers loved their trucks and it didn't take much to start an argument over what company made the best truck. The 2000 Chevy Siilverado has a computer operated ignition system that greatly improves fuel mileage. As for the rear-end housing or it's technical name, the rear differential, the design has changed little in recent years. The greatest improvements are in the quality of the material and the manufacturing process used in making the gears, the bearings, and the steel. The rear axle bearings in the Silverado are snug fitted in the differential housing.

Tools Used[edit]

Safety glasses
Floor jack
Jack stands
Wheel blocks
Wrench set
Screwdriver set
Shop towels
Socket set
Drain pan
Internal seal puller

Remove the Rear Bearings[edit]

  • Park the truck on a solid level surface. Block the front wheels to keep the truck from rolling. Loosen, but do not remove the lug nuts on the rear wheels.
  • Place a jack under the center of the rear differential and raise the truck. Insert two jack stands, one under each axle tube near the wheels to support the truck and remove the jack.
  • Slide a drain pan under the rear differential. Loosen and remove the bolts on the rear differential cover. Tap the rear cover loose and remove it. Allow the gear lube to drain into the pan.
  • Rotate the ring gear to locate the center pin locking bolt. Loosen and remove the center pin locking bolt. Push the chrome center pin out of the hole in the differential housing. Remove both rear wheels and brake drums from the truck.
  • Push the rear axles in toward the rear differential housing. Pull the C-clips off the end of the axle. The C-clips are located on the differential end of the axle shaft. Be sure the axle is in far enough so the C-clips clear the machined counter sink in the differential housing.
  • Slide the axles out of the rear differential, take care to support the axle so it does not damage the axle seal located inside the wheel end of the axle tube.
  • Insert the fingers of a slide hammer, bearing puller into the wheel end of the axle housing and position the fingers behind the wheel bearing. Use the slide hammer to hammer the axle bearing out of both outside ends of the rear end housing.
  • Reverse the above steps to reassemble the rear differential.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • Remove and replace the old gasket from the rear cover if it is damaged.
  • If any of the rollers are missing out of the axle bearings, fish the inside axle tube and housing with an extension magnet to locate them.
  • Use a large socket , or shaft to tap the new bearing.
  • Axle seals are inexpensive and new ones should be installed to assure no oil leaks.
  • Safety glasses should always be worn when working on or around an automobile.
  • Gear oil is a known irritant, avoid all contact with skin.
  • Always stay clear of the wheels when placing jack stands under a vehicle.