2000 Acura TL Replace Headlight

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The 2000 Acura TL has a composite headlight system. It enables the TL's owner to replace the bulb only instead of the entire headlight assembly, when a headlight burns out. Losing a headlight drastically impacts the safety of driving at night or in poor weather conditions. If one of yours 2000 Acura TL headlights has failed, you should immediately replace it to maintain your safety.

Tools Used[edit]

Replacement bulb 9005

Replace Headlight[edit]

  • Turn off the engine and place the headlight switch in the "Off" position. If the headlights were on, allow the car to sit for several minutes to allow the headlight bulbs to cool.
  • Open the hood and locate the retaining ring on the backside of the TL's headlight assembly. The retaining ring secures the socket and bulb inside the headlight assembly.
  • Twist the retaining ring and pull it back to remove it from the headlight assembly.
  • Pull the socket out of the assembly. The headlight bulb is connected to the socket. Notice the retaining clip that locks the bulb into the socket.
  • Lift up on the retaining clip and pull the bulb out of the socket. Do not use force when lifting the retaining clip or it will break.
  • Slide the replacement bulb into the socket until the retaining clip clicks. If you have difficulty inserting the bulb, lift up on the retaining clip and push the bulb into place.
  • Insert the socket into the light assembly and reattach the retaining ring.
  • Repeat Steps 3-7 to install the second light bulb.