1999 Mercury Tracer Replace the Fuel Filter

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The 1999 Mercury Tracer, like any vehicle, requires periodic maintenance and tune-ups, including oil changes and filter replacements. Replacing your fuel filter not only helps keep your car running well, it can help improve gas mileage. Replacing the fuel filter on a 1999 Mercury Tracer is a moderately easy process that can be done at home.

Replace the Fuel Filter[edit]

  • Pop your hood from inside the cab of the car. The release lever is located to the left of the steering wheel near the underside of the dashboard.
  • Lift the hood slightly until the exterior latch catches. Locate the lever just under the front of the hood near the center line of the car and lift it to release the exterior latch.
  • Raise your hood all the way up and place the support arm in a hole to hold it up.
  • Locate the fuel filter on your 1999 Mercury Tracer. It can be found at the back of the engine compartment near the top of the firewall on the driver's side. It will be metal cylinder-shaped object with a fuel line attached to each end of it.
  • Remove any clips holding the fuel lines on each end of the fuel filter. They should just unhook by hand.
  • Remove the fuel lines from each end of the filter. They should pull off easily.
  • Remove the old fuel filter from the harness that holds it to the firewall. This is generally just a wire metal harness that clips around the filter.
  • Install the new filter in the harness and make sure it is secure. Place it in the same direction as the old one to ensure that the fuel flows properly through the filter.
  • Slide the fuel lines onto the ends of the fuel filter. Replace any clips that secured the lines.
  • Start your Mercury Tracer with the hood up to ensure that there is no fuel leaking from where the lines attach to the fuel filter. If fuel is leaking, shut off your car and contact your mechanic. You may need to replace your fuel lines or invest in some clips to secure them tightly. If there is no leak, close your hood and shut off your car.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • Replacing your fuel filter regularly will ensure cleaner fuel systems and prolong the life of your Mercury Tracer.
  • Remember to get a tune-up according to the frequency recommended in your Mercury Tracer owner's manual.
  • Never change a fuel filter while the car is running.