1999 Ford Taurus Replace Flasher

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The flasher relay on your Taurus is responsible for making the turn signals and the hazard lights blink. When it is functioning incorrectly, you may see such symptoms as a rapidly blinking light or one that is just stuck, when you signal for a turn. Changing the flasher relay on your Taurus can be done right in your driveway in 10 minutes or less. Remember to always keep safety in mind when performing any do-it-yourself auto repair.

Tools Used[edit]

Socket wrench set
Black electrical tape
Phillips screwdriver
Automotive flasher relay

Replace Flasher[edit]

Remove the Old Flasher Relay

  • Using your socket wrench, disconnect the negative cable from the car's battery terminal. The negative terminal and cable are identified on the top of the battery using the minus ("--") symbol. Once the cable is disconnected, wrap the metal end completely with the black electrical tape. Lay the cable down and make sure it's not touching any metal surfaces.
  • Open the driver side front door and kneel or position yourself so that you're able to see under the dashboard.
  • Locate the automotive flasher relay under the dashboard on the right-hand side. The flasher relay is about the same size as an ice cube. It will be held in place by one screw and will have a three-pronged wiring harness connected to it.
  • Remove the screw holding the flasher relay in place and slowly lower it from underneath the dashboard.
  • Hold the flasher relay in one hand, and with the other hand gently disconnect the wiring harness plug from the relay. Never separate the flasher relay by pulling the harness off by the wires, always hold the plastic harness plug itself.

Install the New Flasher Relay

  • Inspect the new flasher relay to make sure it isn't damaged. Hold the new flasher relay and the old one side by side and compare them, ensuring that they are exactly the same.
  • Carefully plug the wiring harness connector into the new flasher relay. Make sure no other wires are intertwined as you raise the flasher and harness back into position under the dashboard.
  • Secure the flasher relay by returning its mounting screw.
  • Unwrap the negative battery cable's connector and reattach it to the car's battery terminal. Turn the power on or start your car and test out the new flasher relay to make sure it's working properly.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • To avoid problems on the road, the flasher relay should be changed on your Taurus at least once every 18 months.