1999 Dodge Ram 4X4 Replace Front Wheel Bearing

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The 1999 Dodge Ram 4X4 can come in numerous models. Six different engine sizes, three different transmissions, and four different body styles are available for the 1999 Dodge 4X4. Despite these variations, the process for changing the wheel bearings is the same. The wheel bearings are sealed into the wheel bearing hub assembly. This assembly connects the wheel to the axle. If you hear a loud grinding or roaring sound coming from the wheel while driving, you might have a faulty wheel bearing. Changing the wheel bearing hub assembly takes about an hour.

Tools Used[edit]

36 mm deep socket
Ratchet set
Breaking bar
Truck jack
Lug nut wrench
Jack stand
15 mm socket
Wire cutter
New wheel bearing hub, part 1ASHS00168

Replace Front Wheel Bearing[edit]

  • Pull the cotter pin from the drive shaft that has the faulty wheel bearings with your pliers. Pull out the washer from over the drive shaft by hand. Loosen and remove the large central nut with your 36 mm deep socket, ratchet, and breaking bar. Do this before raising the truck so the weight of the Dodge Ram gives you additional leverage.
  • Loosen and remove the lug nuts with your lug nut wrench. Set the truck jack below the frame rail near the wheel. Raise the Dodge Ram until the wheel is off the ground. Set a jack stand below the chassis. Lower the Dodge Ram onto the jack stand. Finish removing the lug nuts. Pull off the wheel.
  • Cut two or three feet of wire. Remove the two 15 mm bolts from the brake caliper mounting bracket. Pull this bracket off the rotor. Tie the bracket with the wire to the suspension coil. Do not let it hang by its brake hose.
  • Pull the rotor off the assembly by hand. Tap the back of the rotor with a mallet to loosen it if it is stuck.
  • Tap the drive shaft with a chisel and mallet to free it from the wheel bearing hub assembly.
  • Remove the four 15 mm bolts securing the wheel bearing hub assembly to the steering knuckle or disc brake, depending on whether you are working on a front or rear wheel. Pull off the wheel bearing hub assembly.
  • Secure the new wheel bearing hub assembly to the steering knuckle or disc brake with the bolts removed earlier.
  • Replace the rotor over the wheel bearing hub assembly. Slide the caliper and mounting bracket over the rotor. Secure them both with the two 15 mm bolts. Replace the wheel. Lower the Dodge Ram.
  • Repeat steps 1 through 9 for any other wheels that have faulty wheel bearings.