1999 Chevrolet Tahoe Replace Brake Switch

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The brake lights on your 1999 Tahoe serve an important safety function, as they warn other drivers when you are about to come to a stop. Without working brake lights, you risk having someone rear-end you. If all your brake lights go out all at once, there is a good chance your brake switch has gone bad. The brake switch powers your brakes when you depress the pedal. Changing it yourself will take about 15 minutes.

Tools Used[edit]

Replacement brake switch

Replace Brake Switch[edit]

  • Open the hood of your Tahoe, and remove the negative battery cable with your socket set. This will keep you from shorting out anything while you work on your SUV.
  • Move to where you can look beneath the driver's side dashboard where your brake pedal is. The brake light switch is mounted at the top base of the pedal.
  • Remove the screw that holds the clip in place holding the brake light switch. Unplug the wiring from the back of the old switch.
  • Insert the wiring plug back into the back of the new sensor.
  • Re-mount the new sensor to its retaining clip at the top base of the brake pedal. Replace the negative battery cable, and tighten it.