1999 Chevrolet Lumina Replace Flasher Relay Location

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The turn signals flash due to an interrupt switch called the turn signal relay, also known as the flasher. The relay interrupts the signal in cadence, allowing the light to turn on and off. A turn signal that lights but will not go off, or will not come on at all, indicates a damaged fuse or relay. Checking the fuse, located in the passenger area beneath the dash, takes a few minutes. Replacing the relay on most vehicles is just as simple. The 1999 Cavalier's flasher is conveniently located on the firewall to the left of the steering column.

Replace Flasher Relay Location[edit]

  • Turn off the vehicle.
  • Use a flashlight to locate the flasher. The flasher is mounted to the left of the steering column above the brake pedal. The flasher is a silver cylinder approximately one inch in diameter.
  • Grasp the relay firmly and pull it out. Installation requires you to push the new relay into place.
  • Start the car and activate the turn signals. Perform further troubleshooting if the signals fail to activate.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • A front or rear bulb that flashes rapidly while the same side, driver's or passenger's side, bulb on the opposite end of the vehicle implies a bad bulb. Replace the bulb, and test the system before replacing the flasher.