1998 Toyota Corolla Replace Serpentine Belt

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The serpentine belt on the Toyota Corolla is located on the passenger side of the engine; it controls engine components such as the alternator and the power steering pump. Replacing the serpentine belt ensures that the engine stays in proper working order, especially if the belt is damaged or worn. On the plastic cover on the top of the radiator is a diagram detailing how to guide the new belt around the pulleys. Pay close attention to the diagram, as you won't be able to see all of the pulleys.

Tools Used[edit]

Locking pliers
Replacement serpentine belt

Replace Serpentine Belt[edit]

  • Open the engine and lock the pliers onto the small, metal arm atop the tension pulley. Locating the tension pulley is relatively easy as it is round in shape, metal colored and behind the alternator.
  • Pull the pliers toward the radiator to release the tension on the serpentine belt. Pull the serpentine belt off of the roller on the tension pulley. Slowly release the tension pulley to its original position. Pull the serpentine belt off of the rest of the engine pulleys and set the belt aside.
  • Place the inside of the new serpentine belt onto the large pulley at the bottom of the engine so that the ridges on the belt connect to the ridges on the pulley. Follow the diagram on the radiator's cover to guide the belt around the rest of the engine pulleys.
  • Guide the serpentine belt from the lowest pulley to the top pulley. Pull the tension pulley toward the radiator and place the belt onto the roller on the tension pulley. Slowly release the tension pulley and remove the pliers.