1997 Nissan Pathfinder Reset Service Engine Light

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The check engine light in your Nissan Pathfinder is how the Onboard Diagnostics 2 computer in your vehicle tries to tell you that something is wrong. The problems it can report can vary from an emissions problems that may not need to be addressed right away, to more serious mechanical problems such as an engine or transmission problem. In order to read the exact error code you need an OBD2 reader. The OBD2 reader can also be used to clear the check engine light as well.

Tools Used[edit]

OBD2 reader

Reset Service Engine Light[edit]

  • Locate the OBD2 connector. This will be located on the bottom of the dash by the driver's side door.
  • Turn the key in the ignition far enough to turn on the electrical components in the car but not enough to start the engine.
  • Connect your OBD2 reader to the OBD2 connector on your car and wait for the reader to diagnose the issue.
  • Read the code or codes that the reader displays and look up what these codes mean. Code meanings can be found on the sites in the resources section. Determine if the problem is something that needs to be fixed immediately or if it can wait until a later date.
  • Clear the check engine light using the OBD2 reader. In most cases this is done by pressing a "Clear" or "Erase" button on the reader. If you clear the check engine light without fixing the root cause, then the light will most likely turn back on again within a few miles.