1997 Ford F-150 Reset Check Engine Light

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The 1997 Ford F150 comes equipped with the "On Board Diagnostic System Version 2," made for vehicles built from 1996 on. The "Check engine" light can be on for various reasons, ranging from the gas cap not being screwed in all the way to some serious problem with the engine. The OBDII is designed to be able to read codes that will let you know why the "Check engine" light is on. It is not recommended to reset the light yourself, but you can.

Tools Used[edit]

OBDII code retriever/reader

Reset Check Engine Light[edit]

  • Check to make sure that your gas cap is tight. A loose gas cap can cause the "Check engine" to come on. Uscrew the gas cap and screw it back on tight. Then, recheck to see if the light is still on.
  • Remove the positive battery cable from the battery post and leave it off for about five minutes. Then, reattach the battery cable to the battery. You can do this with a basic 1/2-inch or 9/16-inch wrench. Removing the battery cable will reset the "Check engine" light as long as there is nothing serious wrong with the engine.
  • Start the car and check to see if the battery cable removal reset the light. If not, you will need to either purchase a OBDII code retriever/reader or take the car to your local dealer. The OBDII code retriever/reader will retrieve the codes that are causing the "Check engine" light to come on.
  • Connect the OBDII code retriever/reader to the socket under the dash on the left side of the steering wheel. Once you hook up the OBDII code retriever/reader, turn the key on and enter in your vehicle's make, model and engine size information.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions on the OBDII code retriever/reader to retrieve the "Check engine" light code. The OBDII code retriever/reader will then search for the problem; once it finds the problem, it will flash the code and the problem across the screen. You can repair the problem yourself or you can take the vehicle yourself to your dealer to have the problem fixed.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • If tightening the gas cap and removing the battery cable do not reset the "Check engine" light, it is highly recommended to take the vehicle to your local dealer to be put on the OBDII code retriever/reader machine to retrieve the codes and perform the repairs.
  • The OBDII code retriever/reader is very expensive to purchase.
  • Do not continue to drive your car after the "Check engine" light comes on, unless it is to your local car dealer. Driving a car for an extended period of time with the "Check engine" light on could cause other problems to the engine.