1997 Chevrolet Lumina Car Replace the Fuel Pump

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The Chevrolet Lumina is a series of coupes, minivans and sedans manufactured from 1990 to 2001. The replacement fuel pump for these vehiclesdepends on the engine, which may be a six-cylinder 3.4 L engine or a 3.1 L engine. All versions of the 1997 Lumina have sequential fuel injection, meaning that the electric fuel pump on these vehicles uses high pressure to deliver fuel to the fuel injectors. You can access the fuel pump on most 1997 Luminas through a removable access panel in the trunk.

Tools Used[edit]

Socket wrench
Special tool J 34730-1A
Shop rag
Torque wrench

Replace the Fuel Pump[edit]

  • Disconnect the negative battery cable with a socket wrench, and remove the engine cover. Relieve the pressure in the fuel tank by loosening the filler cap for the fuel tank. Remove the cap for the fuel pressure port on the fuel rail, and connect special tool J 34730-1A to the fuel pressure port. Place the bleed hose for this special tool into a gasoline container. Open the valve on the special tool to bleed the fuel in the fuel system into the gasoline container.
  • Drain the fuel tank to 1/4 of its capacity, and remove the jack, spare tire and spare tire cover from the trunk. Take out the trunk liner, and unfasten the retaining nuts for the access panel with a socket wrench. Remove the panel, and disconnect the electrical connector for the fuel pump.
  • Clean the fuel sender assembly with a shop rag, and disconnect the quick-connect fittings from the fuel sender assembly. Remove the retaining snap ring on the fuel sender assembly with a socket wrench, so that the fuel sender assembly springs up. Remove the fuel sender assembly without handling the fuel pipes. Discard the old O-ring and clean the sealing surfaces for the O-ring.
  • Place the new O-ring on the fuel tank and install the new fuel sender assembly onto the fuel tank. Avoid folding the fuel strainer and ensure that the fuel strainer does not impede the movement of the float arm for the fuel gauge after the installation is complete.
  • Replace the retaining snap ring for the fuel sender assembly, and turn the snap ring clockwise with a socket wrench until it fully seats with the fuel tank's tab slots. Attach the electrical connector and quick-connect fittings to the fuel sender assembly. Connect the cable for the negative terminal on the battery, and fasten the filler cap for the fuel tank.
  • Turn the ignition switch for 2 seconds, then turn it off for 10 seconds. Turn the ignition back on and check for leaks in the fuel system. Replace the access cover in the trunk and tighten the retaining nuts to 96 inch-pounds. Replace the trunk liner, jack, spare tire and spare tire cover.