1996 Toyota Camry Remove Dome Light Cover

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The dome light cover in a 1996 Toyota Camry protects the dome light bulb from incurring accidental physical damage. The cover also prevents the vehicle's occupants from accidentally burning themselves by inadvertently touching the dome light bulb. In order to replace the dome light bulb, you must remove the cover. The dome light cover contains molded plastic clips that snap into place on the inside of the dome light housing. Gentle prying with a flat-head screwdriver will separate the cover from the housing.

Tools Used[edit]

Small flat-head screwdriver

Remove Dome Light Cover[edit]

  • Shift the Camry's transmission into park and rotate the ignition to the "OFF" position. Apply the parking brake.
  • Insert the tip of a small flat-head screwdriver between the dome light cover and the dome light housing.
  • Pry the dome light cover away from the dome light housing until it separates and pops loose.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • Be sure to pry the dome light cover away from the housing very slowly and carefully. Too much pressure or moving too fast can crack the dome light cover.