1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Fix a Rear Window Wiper

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The 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee came equipped with a rear window wiper. The rear window wiper is an asset in inclement weather if you are struggling to view what is behind you. You should replace a damaged or bent wiper arm to prevent damage to the rear window. Auto parts retailers and Jeep dealers can order the wiper arm replacement.

Tools Used[edit]

Small punch or similar tool
Flat-bladed screwdriver

Fix a Rear Window Wiper[edit]

  • Disconnect the washer hose from the base of the rear wiper arm. The hose connection will pull straight off the nozzle on the wiper arm mount.
  • Lift the wiper arm away from the rear window. Place a small punch or similar tool into the hole at the top of the wiper arm base. Run the punch straight through the hole on the bottom of the wiper arm.
  • Use a flat-bladed screwdriver to push the spring tab back away from the pivot arm. Pull the wiper arm free of the assembly.
  • Insert a punch or small tool into the hole on the top of the wiper arm base. Slide it through to the hole on the bottom of the wiper arm.
  • Press the new wiper arm onto the mount until the spring tab locks into place. Remove the punch tool from the arm base.
  • Connect the washer hose to the nozzle. Test your rear wiper and the washer fluid spray function to be sure they are fully functional.