1996 GMC Yukon Replace Headlight

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Your 1996 Yukon's headlights should be checked every six months to make sure that they are functioning normally. Of course, if the headlights burn out while you are diving at night, you'll know right away. The headlights on your Yukon typically fail from regular use, although if there is excessive moisture building up inside the headlight housing assembly, you'll want to consider replacing the assembly before replacing the headlight. Replacement headlights for the Yukon are available from most auto parts stores. However, because there are a variety of manufacturers that make replacement headlights for the Yukon, you'll need the part number from the old headlight as a reference for the new headlight.

Tools Used[edit]

Replacement headlight

Replace Headlight[edit]

  • Open the hood of your Yukon and unplug the power connector from the back of the headlight.
  • Rotate the collar of the headlight counter-clockwise 45 degrees and pull the headlight out of the housing assembly.
  • Insert the new headlight and rotate the collar of the headlight clockwise to lock it into the housing assembly.
  • Reconnect the power connector to the back of the headlight.