1996 Buick Regal Remove Interior Door Panel

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While General Motors touted 1996 as the last year of the third-generation Regal, Buick continued manufacturing the 1996 model well into the 1997 model year due to delays in the production of the first of the fourth generation. Since Buick introduced the personal luxury car in 1963, the manufacturer has maintained a dedication to finer trim features. This is certainly the case with the 1996 Regal, with leather and chrome throughout the inside of the vehicle. The door panels are no exception. Removing them is necessary for any interior door component repairs.

Tools Used[edit]

Phillips screwdriver
Trim tool

Remove Interior Door Panel[edit]

  • Open the Regal's door. Lower the window completely.
  • Remove the door panel retaining screws located around the door panel perimeter using a Phillips screwdriver. Remove the door panel retaining screw located inside the inner door handle bezel cup using the Phillips screwdriver.
  • Pry the window and lock switch bezel from the door panel using the trim tool. Disconnect the body harness from the switches and set the bezel aside.
  • Pry the door panel off the Regal's door using the trim tool to unseat the plastic door panel retaining pins. Lift up on the door panel until the upper lip clears the window well to complete the removal process.
  • Lower the door panel onto the door, making sure to align the upper door panel lip with the slot in the window well. Align the trim pins with their respective anchor holes in the inner door skin. Push on the door panel to seat the trim pins (this may require you to hammer on the panel with your fist to fully seat the pins).
  • Plug the body harness into the window and lock switches. Snap the window and lock switch bezel into the Regal's door panel. Reinstall the door panel retaining screws to complete reinstallation.