1996 Buick Century Install a Fuel Filter

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One of the most important, yet most overlooked, parts of the 1996 Buick Century's maintenance schedule is replacing the fuel filter every 15,000 miles. The fuel filter removes impurities from the gasoline, preventing them from fouling the fuel rail and fuel injectors. The filter has a limit to the amount of impurities it can trap. Once the filter exceeds that limit, it will slowly clog, reducing fuel economy. Neglect over longer periods of time can lead to costly damage to the fuel system. Anyone with basic auto repair skill can replace the fuel filter in about 30 minutes.

Tools Used[edit]

Floor jack
Jack stands (2)
Drain pan
Box wrench set

Install a Fuel Filter[edit]

  • Start the 1996 Buick Century and remove the fuel system fuse from the fuse panel. The fuse panel is inside the glove box on the left side. Once the Century stalls out, shut off the ignition.
  • Lift the driver's side of the Century with a floor jack and support it on two jack stands placed under the body rail right in front of the rear wheel well and right behind the front wheel well.
  • Climb under the Century with the drip pan, box wrench set and new fuel filter. Follow the fuel lines forward from the gas tank to pinpoint the old fuel filter located near the driver's side frame.
  • Place the drip pan underneath the old fuel filter. Hold the nut on the rear of the fuel filter stationary with a box wrench while loosening it with another box wrench.
  • Repeat Step 4 on the front fuel filter and fuel line nuts.
  • Pull the old fuel filter out and replace it with a new one. Tighten the front and rear fuel lines onto the new fuel filter by reversing the procedure in Steps 4 and 5.
  • Climb out from under the Century with the drip pan, old filter and box wrenches. Lower the Century off the jack stands with the floor jack.
  • Reinstall the fuel system fuse. Turn the ignition to the "Run" position, count to 10 and shut it off. Turn the ignition to the "Run" position again, count to 10 and start the Century.