1995 Pontiac Grand Am Add Coolant

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Modern Pontiacs use a mixture of distilled water and DEX-COOL antifreeze to cool their engines. Your 1995 Pontiac Grand Am is no different. Due to the wide range of chemicals used in different brands of antifreeze, GM states that DEX-COOL is the only antifreeze you can use without damaging the inner core of your radiator. Any other fluid will destroy your radiator. DEX-COOL is a commonly used name for organic acid technology antifreeze. It's an orange-dyed liquid.

Tools Used[edit]

DEX-COOL antifreeze
Distilled water

Add Coolant[edit]

  • Remove the radiator cap from the radiator filler spout. Do not do this while the Grand Am is hot. The coolant system is under pressure when hot, and you risk burns if you open the cap while the engine is hot.
  • Mix 1 gallon of DEX-COOL antifreeze per 1 gallon of distilled water. Do not use tap water. The contaminants in tap water could damage your coolant system.
  • Insert a funnel into the filler spout and drain the mixture into the radiator until the fluid reaches the top of the spout.
  • Close the radiator cap and open the cap for the radiator overflow, located to the left of the radiator.
  • Start the engine and run it for a period of five minutes with the overflow cap open. This pushes excess air out of the coolant system. Close the overflow cap.