1995 Honda Accord LX Remove the Front Disc Brake Rotor

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A compact car, the 1995 Honda Accord LX uses disc brakes on the front wheels to stop the car during normal travel. These brakes wear out over time and need replacing. Typically, only the brake pads need replacing unless the rotors are worn or pitted. Damage to the brake rotors occur as a result of brake pads wearing down to metal or from use over time. Removing the disc brake rotor of a 1995 Honda Accord requires removing the brake assembly first.

Tools Used[edit]

Tire iron
Floor jack
Jack stands
Ratchet and socket set (metric)
Drum puller
Ball-peen hammer

Remove the Front Disc Brake Rotor[edit]

Accessing the Brakes

  • Park the car on a hard and level surface and engage the parking brake.
  • Use the tire iron to loosen the lug nuts on the tire covering the rotor you need to remove.
  • Place the floor jack under the front cross-member of the frame and lift the front end of the car high enough to put a jack stand under the A-frame on each side of the vehicle.
  • Lower the front end of the car onto the jack stands.
  • Fully remove the lug nuts and the tire.

Removing the Brake Rotor

  • Use the ratchet and socket set to remove the bolts holding the disc brake assembly on the brake rotor.
  • Pull the brake assembly from the brake rotor and set it on the car's suspension behind the brake rotor. Don't let it dangle as this could damage the hoses.
  • Hook the drum puller's arms evenly around the brake rotor and screw the central bolt down until it is snug against the axle hub.
  • Connect the appropriate socket and the ratchet to the end of the central bolt of the drum puller.
  • Tighten the central bolt by one-half turn. If the rotor moves, keep tightening the central bolt until the rotor comes off or stops moving.
  • Tap gently around the base of the rotor using the ball-peen hammer.
  • Tighten the central bolt by one-quarter of a turn.
  • Repeat the tapping and tightening process until the rotor comes from the axle.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • When replacing the brake rotor, replace the brake pads at the same time otherwise you can get uneven wear patterns on the rotor.