1995 Ford Taurus Replace Engine Mounts

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The engine of a Ford Taurus has three engine mounts. One mount is located on both the left side and right side of the front of the vehicle's engine, and the final mount is located at the back of the engine with the transmission. The mounts experience wear and tear over extended periods, eventually necessitating replacement. While the removal and installation of the mounts is only slightly difficult, there is a risk to safety and the engine if carried out improperly.

Tools Used[edit]

Jack stands
Tire iron
Hydraulic floor jack

Replace Engine Mounts[edit]

Removing the Mounts

  • Use a ratchet to take out the nuts that connect the two front mounts to the vehicle's sub-frame.
  • Use a jack to raise up your Taurus. Place jack stands under the car to keep it supported. Use your hydraulic jack to lift the car up, placing a wood block on the hydraulic jack and raising it under the oil pan. Use a tire iron to take off the left-front wheel.
  • Remove the two bolts connecting the left-front mount to the air conditioner compressor bracket. Take out the left-forward mount.
  • Unscrew the right-forward mount bolts. These bolts are connected to the transmission case bracket. Remove the right engine mount.
  • Disconnect the bolt holding the rear engine mount to the support bracket. Use the wrench to remove the two lower bolts that connect the rear mount to the frame of the Taurus. Remove the rear mount.
  • Remove the remaining bolts that secure the mount support bracket to the vehicle's transmission. Take out the mount.

Installing New Mounts

  • Place the new rear transmission mount on the sub-frame of the Taurus. Secure it in place on the transmission using a wrench. Attach the mount to the sub-frame bracket with two bolts.
  • Connect the new left-side front engine mount to the air conditioner compressing bracket. Secure it firmly in place with two bolts. Connect the right-side engine mount to the transmission, also using a wrench and two bolts to secure it in place.
  • Lower the vehicle and remove the jacks and jack stands. Connect the rear mount to the transmission and secure it. Replace the left-front wheel.